Feeder Project

With the completion of the chicken tractors it is time to build a feeder for the cattle. Last March when we purchased and introduced our two heifers to the pasture my carpenter buddy gave me an old plastic bathtub to use as a feeder. So far it has worked quite well with the exception that just two days ago one of the heifers decided that she wanted more and stepped into the bathtub putting a hole in one corner and cutting her leg, not bad just a little cut. I had already been researching feeders at the local Tractor Supply and Farmers Association  Coop stores but came across a picture of one on the internet and decided that I would build one instead using the picture as a guide. As I move along with this project I will upload photos and update the status of the project.


About Ken

Retired Military doing a little farming, ride'n his Harley and working full time with computers
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